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Fraud Alert: Scam Calls Targeting Older Adults

Fraud Alert: Scam Calls Targeting Older Adults

Recent increase in reports of government imposter scam calls, including some claiming to be from Eldercare Locator.

ACL’s Eldercare Locator and Disability Information & Access Line (DIAL) are trusted resources that help connect older adults and people with disabilities with resources in their community. In recent days, Eldercare Locator has noted a significant increase in people reporting they have been targeted by scam phone calls. This includes reports of:

  • Callers claiming to be from “Eldercare,” “Eldercare Locator,” “Social Security,” or “Medicare.”
  • Callers asking for personal information such as someone’s Social Security number, banking information, or Medicare number — or demanding payment, threatening jail time, or fines.
  • Harassment, including repeat calls from the same number.

We hope you will help us get the word out about government imposter scams. Here are some important reminders to share:

  1. The government will never call out of the blue and ask for a Social Security number.
  2. The government will never ask for payment by gift card or wire transfer.
  3. Social Security numbers cannot be suspended.
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