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The Swampscott Council on Aging is a policy-making board. At the present time we have a full board with nine members serving on special committees.

To serve all seniors with dignity and positive regard;
To identify and respond to the needs of elders and to advocate on their behalf;
To promote an awareness in the community of issues regarding seniors.

COA Board Members: 

Marilyn Cassidy
From birth in the original Swampscott hospital, to raising a family of 4 here, I have watched the town grow from the horse drawn snow ploughs to a fancy Blue fire engine, now part of the aging population. What a life!

Favorite ice cream:  Maple Walnut
Favorite book:  Women Dancing with Wolves
Bucket list destination:  Finally made it to Paris
Favorite team:  All Boston teams
Favorite Activities:  Trying to keep pace with the world
My Happy Place:  Home/no place lie it


Maureen Callahan

I was born in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Secured a position as a Hostess with Trailways Bus Company, met my husband, and moved to Lynn, MA. I became a barber/stylist in 1978. Came to Swampscott in 1986, and owned my own barber shop for 15 years. I then worked in Lynn for 22 years. I am happy to offer my barber/stylist skills to the Senior Center. I now call Swampscott ‘home.’

Favorite book:  Pillars of the Earth
Bucket list destination:  Ireland
Favorite Activities:  Zumba
My Happy Place:  Limerick, Maine



Barbara DiPietro
I was born in Lynn and have lived in Swampscott all of my life. I was an RN for 53 years and worked at North Shore Children’s Hospital for 45 years. We are fortunate enough to have traveled to Italy and throughout the United States. My favorite times are with my family, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Favorite Ice Cream:  Chocolate Chip
Favorite book:  Snowbound by J.G. Whittier
Bucket list destination: Hawaii
Favorite Team:  Nascar

Andrea Liftman
Andrea was born in Lynn and moved to Swampscott before second grade. She attended Clark School, Shaw Junior High, and Swampscott High School. Andrea graduated from Emerson College, and earned her M.Ed from Salem State. She loves spending time with her friends and family.

Favorite book:  Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
Favorite Team:  Boston Red Sox
My Happy Place:  Aruba



Debora Newman

Deb’s been in Swampscott since arriving in 1966, when her dad opened Newman’s Bakery. She has a son, Jake, and is involved in many town committees. Deb’s passion is advocacy for animals, including the elevation of their legal status, but she’s happy to lend a hand to humans, too!

Favorite ice cream: Mocha Almond
Favorite book: Any of Louise Gluck’s poetry
Favorite Activities: Yakking with her sister, Jess; Gardening; Writing; Biking; Eating Potato Chips


Jennifer Nisbet
Jenn grew up in Marblehead and moved to Swampscott soon after she got married. She is excited to be part of the committee and help with making sure communication efforts reach our seniors and all member of the community.

Favorite ice cream: S’mores
Favorite book: Water for Elephants
Favorite activities:  Gardening, crafts




Robert Powell – Chair





Molly Rowe
Molly grew up on an island in Maine but relocated to the more populous Swampscott after college.  She and her husband, Steve, own First Light Home Care, a business providing senior care in Swampscott. They have two boys in the Swampscott schools.

Favorite Team:  Any team Big Blue
Favorite Activities:  Cheering from the sidelines, running, family movies (with a glass of wine!)
My Happy Place:   Maine



Marie Yarnaco-Grant – Secretary

Marie has been a Swampscott resident since 2003.  Currently retired, but was a social worker her entire career.  Marie was a Head Start Director for 25 years, worked in Hospice, Director of Peace Education and worked with elders at Element Care.  Marie is married to Ken Grant, has two daughters and five grands. Marie has discovered pottery and enjoys the craft.


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