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Swampscott for All Ages

In concert with the global initiative to become more Age Friendly, Swampscott joined the movement with an initial town wide Needs Assessment in 2019.  This extensive research resulted in a thorough report that has been steering the Swampscott for All Ages committee toward creating a more Age and Dementia Friendly Swampscott.  Part of the initiative is to address communication that eventually lead to the creation of this website.

With the expert assistance from UMass Boston’s Gerontology Institute, Center for Social and Demographic Research on Aging our local Swampscott for All Ages: A Community Needs Assessment was published in 2019.  Following a very few months of planning and quickly moving into Zoom gatherings for nearly two years, Swampscott for All Ages committee is now completing Year 2 of our 5-year plan.

Highlights of the first two years include:

  1. Housing
    1. Creation of 501(C)(3)  Seaglass Village – 105 members, 65 volunteers.
    2. Hadley Reuse Committee representation for an option of Affordable Housing for Seniors. Click this link for the final report.
    3. “Talk About Town” programs to educate on Affordable Housing, ADUs, AARP’s HomeFit Program, CEDAC Home Modification Funding.
    4.  “Talk About Town” on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) with Mike Proscia click here:
  2. Health and community services including Dementia Friendly initiative.
    1. Dementia friendly initiative.
    2. Training of town staff to become Dementia Friendly
    3. Discovery and discussion regarding the creation of Social Day program
  3. Transportation
    1. Research Skipper that is currently in Salem to see about expending to Swampscott. Researching grants.
    2. Seaglass Village volunteers provide over 150 rides.
    3. Senior Center vans continue to expand Medical rides and regular trips to and from the Senior Center.
  4. Respect and Inclusion combined with Social Participation
    1. Creation of small business-like cards for caregivers to have to hand out.
    2. Topics of respect: Education on dementia friends
    3. Welcome Benches – one at Town Hall and 3 at Senior Center
    4. “Talk About Town” – Intergenerational programs with students and our older adults through cable TV and in person trainings.
      1. LGBTQ
      2. Juneteenth
      3. Black History Month
  1. Communication and Information
    1. Resource guide – grant to develop, print and mail to every home with someone over 40 in Swampscott
    2. Active Aging Swampscott Website – 2022 launch
    3. “Talk About Town” – Recorded presentations to be aired on Swampscott Cable TV.
    4. Annual Hearing Screenings
    5. Caregiver’s Fair on May 6, 2023 featuring 13 speakers and 17 vendors.  Over 150 participants enjoys a day-long conference.
  2. Outdoor spaces and Buildings
    1. Four “Happy to Chat” Benches with signs inviting people to sit and chat.
    2. Increasing hours open at the senior center to accommodate more programs.

Upcoming opportunities.

  1. Purple Reservation – Summer 2023
  2. ADU work with Planning Department – present for vote in Spring 2023 town meeting
  3. Dementia Training for Swampscott Staff – Began March 6, 2023 and will continue throughout the summer.
  4. Community garden at High School
  5. Special weekly news show for TV – reach out to local famous newscasters.
    1. Age Tech Revolution
    2. Hearing Care
    3. Affordable Housing
    4. Technology – Apple Watch
    5. Housing Summit
    6. Tell Us Your Story – with S.U.R.E.


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